green Bento Cutlery Set four frogs cute

green Bento Cutlery Four Frogs

green bento cutlery set

with chopsticks, fork and spoon

on the chopsticks, fork and spoon are frogs, flowers,

strawberries and ribbons printed

the case can be used as a pencil case for pens, pencils, erasers etc.

kawaii mouse cute suess

length: 18cm (7"), width: 8cm (3.2"), height: 2cm (0.8")

fork & spoon length: 14cm (5.5"), chopsticks length: 16,5cm (6.5")

kawaii bear cute suess

super cute design

perfect for children to eat a snack, lunch etc.

in kindergarten or school

green Bento Cutlery Set four frogs cute 1

green Bento Cutlery Set four frogs cute 2

green Bento Cutlery Set four frogs cute 3
green Bento Cutlery Set four frogs cute


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