green panda fabric fly agaric from Japan kawaii

kawaii Panda Fabric fly agaric

by Cosmo

Import from Japan

kawaii mouse cute suess

green heavy fabric

with cute panda bears and colourful mushrooms

available colours: white, pink, blue, green and red

very high quality fabric, typical perfect Japanese quality

radiant colours, many details and beautiful print

kawaii bear cute suess

100% cotton

smooth heavy fabric

size of the panda: 3.5cm (1.4")

fabric width: 112cm (44")

fabric length (per unit ordered): 50cm (19.7")

excellent quality

super cute design

perfect for your hobby projects or for school, kindergarten etc.

If you would like to order more than one unit, please input the

total units and we will send you the fabric in one piece.

green panda fabric fly agaric from Japan kawaii 1

green panda fabric fly agaric from Japan kawaii 2
green panda fabric fly agaric from Japan kawaii

You Save: US$2.06 (20% off)

Shipping Costs: +US$2.21 * (What's this?)

Sold in multiples of 0.5 meter (0.54 yard)
1 unit = 0.5m, 2 units = 1m, 3 units = 1.5m ...
The fabric will be shipped in one piece.

Currently not available

Discontinued. We will not get this product again.

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