yummy Kamio Memo Pad with chocolate

Chocolate Memo Pad

cute notebook as chocolate bar

very detailed and magnetic lock

very good quality

from Kamio in Japan

kawaii mouse cute suess

4 patterns

on each page is a pattern printed

with 100 sheets

width: 10.5cm (4.1")

height: 14.8cm (5.8")

kawaii bear cute suess

super cute design

perfect for school, kindergarten or the office

great for collecting or to swap single sheets

yummy Kamio Memo Pad with chocolate 1

yummy Kamio Memo Pad with chocolate 2

yummy Kamio Memo Pad with chocolate 3

yummy Kamio Memo Pad with chocolate 4

yummy Kamio Memo Pad with chocolate 5
yummy Kamio Memo Pad with chocolate


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Currently not available

Discontinued. We will not get this product again.

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