echino canvas fabric birds stripes turquoise from Japan

echino Canvas Fabric


Design: echino by Etsuko Furuya

Import from Japan

kawaii mouse cute suess

beige canvas fabric with birds, flowers, dots, turquoise, purple and pink stripes

very high quality fabric, typical perfect Japanese quality

radiant colours, many details and beautiful print

kawaii bear cute suess

45% cotton, 55% linen

smooth canvas fabric

size of the birds: 3.4cm (1.3")

fabric width: 113cm (44.5")

fabric length (per unit ordered): 50cm (0.54 yards)

mouse cute suess

care instructions (by the manufacturer):

machine wash warm (40C), no bleach

tumble dry medium

use warm iron

do not dry clean

excellent quality

very beautiful design

perfect for your hobby projects or for school, kindergarten etc.

PLEASE NOTE: 1 fabric unit is 50cm / 0.54yards. If you need 1 yard of fabric or more,

please input the total units and we will send you the fabric in one piece.

echino canvas fabric birds stripes turquoise from Japan 1 

echino canvas fabric birds stripes turquoise from Japan 3

echino canvas fabric birds stripes turquoise from Japan 3

echino canvas fabric birds stripes turquoise from Japan


Shipping Costs: +US$2.47 * (What's this?)

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Sold in multiples of 0.5 meter
1 unit = 0.5m, 2 units = 1m, 3 units = 1.5m ...
The fabric will be shipped in one piece.

Currently not available

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