Kutusita Nyanko Post-it bookmark sticker cat paw

Kutusita Nyanko Post-its

cute die-cut Post-it bookmarks with 4 designs

1 x white cat paw

1 x brown striped  cat paw

1 x grey striped cat paw

1 x black cat paw

20 Post-its per design, total: 80 pieces

the post-its are writeable and therefore perfect

to highlight something within a page & write a comment

very good quality

from San-X, Import from Japan

kawaii mouse cute suess

size of the complete set: height: 10,5cm (4.1"), width: 7,3cm (2.8")

kawaii bear cute suess

super cute design

perfect for your collection, swapping, decorating, as a bookmark & to reward good students

copy - Kutusita Nyanko Post-it bookmark sticker cat paw 1

copy - Kutusita Nyanko Post-it bookmark sticker cat paw 2

copy - Kutusita Nyanko Post-it bookmark sticker cat paw 3

Kutusita Nyanko Post-it bookmark sticker cat paw


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