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Our company modeS Group Ltd. runs the online shop modes4u.com selling cute stationery, fabrics, bags, accessories and DIY clay sets. We stock a huge selection of kawaii products directly imported from Japan and the USA and ship to customers worldwide.
Our company is based in Hong Kong with an office and warehouse. Managing Director Sandra Boch founded modeS Group Ltd. here in 2007. Today the native Austrian, who emigrated to Hong Kong many years ago, is the head of a team consisting of several staff for customer support, marketing, programming, photography and distribution. High quality products, reliable shipping and personal and kind customer support – that’s what modes4u stands for. Sandra and her team always welcome your feedback and suggestions to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

Visit our Blog to learn more about our team and our office life here in Hong Kong.

Our Team:

modes4u team
our modes4u team

Sandra Boch 
Sandra Boch, Managing Director
Interview with Sandra

Alan Mak 
Alan Mak, IT Manager
Interview with Alan

Mason Mak
Mason Mak, Recreation Department

Oliver Chardon 
Oliver Chardon, Customer Support Manager

Benjamin Rehberg 
Benjamin Rehberg, Content Manager

Maggie Ma 
Maggie Ma, Internet Marketing
Interview with Maggie

Sylvania Lai 
Sylvania Lai, Accountant

Jacqueline Yuen 
Jacqueline Yuen, Office Administrator

Ho Lam 
Ho Lam, Photographer
Interview with Ho

Mark Mak 
Mark Mak, Programmer

Karen Lam 
Karen Lam, Packing Team Supervisor
Interview with Karen

Snowie Cheng 
Snowie Cheng, Packing Team

Iris Tsang 
Iris Tsang, Packing Team

Sita Lam 
Sita Lam, Packing Team

Dave Wong 
Dave Wong, Packing Team

Marie Ndzie  Marie Ndzie, French Copywriter

Margarita Andreu  Margarita Andreu, Spanish Copywriter

Dickson Fernandez  Dickson Fernandez, Photo Editor

Our office and warehouse:

modes4u warehouse
Clay Sets, bento boxes, stationery and more - here we store all of our products

modes4u warehouse
our warehouse is strictly organized so that we can process your order fast and efficiently

fabric warehouse
in our shop you can always choose between several hundred fabrics of all colours and patterns

stationery warehouse
most of our items - such as the cute stationery in this shelf - are from Japan

modes4u warehouse
in our warehouse we always have several 1000 articles of all product categories on hand

fabric warehouse
we import our high quality fabrics from the USA and Japan

photography table
to show you all products in detail, we photograph every single product in our photo studio

modes4u office
Managing Director Sandra takes care of our website herself and handles customer support

modes4u office
our IT Manager Alan is working on optimizing the online shop and on putting new ideas into action every day

modes4u office
Bianca & Maggie take care of describing our products as detailed as possible & promote our shop on the internet

modes4u office
in our packing area we prepare your order for shipping within 24 hours




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