Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions

Is it safe to order from you?

YES, it is definitely safe to order from us! Our secure server software encrypts all your personal information including credit card number, name and address. We use SSL (secure socket layer) level encryption. This is one of the most advanced encrypting technologies available today. Any information sent over the Internet is encrypted into an unbreakable code before it is sent. This ensures that no third party can intercept and decipher your personal information. It is certainly much safer to order from us than giving your credit card in a restaurant or mail order over the phone.

How can I register for the newsletter?

On the main page at the bottom right is a box called "Newsletter Subscribing". You can type in your email address here and you will regularly receive our newsletter in the future. There are lots of advantages by signing up for our newsletter that only our newsletter readers will get. Our readers receive regular information about special offers, discounts, announcements of new items, birthday coupons etc. Of course you can always unsubscribe from our newsletter whenever you want.

How can I unsubscribe from the newsletter?

You can find in every newsletter at the bottom on the email a cancellation link. Click on it and your email software will prepare an email for you which you have to send to us. Thereupon your email address will be automatically deleted by our newsletter software from our database. Please be aware that you can only unsubscribe with your registered email address and not with a different email address. Otherwise our software cannot find your email address and won't be able to delete it.

Are the colors on the photos correct?

We are trying our best to represent our products with photos that are as realistic as possible and their colors natural. Unfortunately, based on technical problems (every monitor shows a slightly different color than another) it is possible that the colors on our photos slightly differ from the real colors.

Do you use Cookies?

To be able to use our online shop function "My account" and to order online you must allow cookies in your browser. It is only possible to order if you accept them.

How does the search function work?

Simple Search:

The simple search helps you to find the item you are looking for.

This is very easy; you can find the search text field on every site at the upper right corner of the page. You just have to type in your keyword in the upper right search text field. The use of lower case letters and capitalization is not important.

It doesn't matter on which page you are typing in your search, it will always search our complete product database. You have the following possibilities searching for an item:

  • one keyword: e.g. wallet
  • more keywords: e.g. wallet black

Additional it is possible to use logical operators like "AND" and "OR". For example you can type in the following keywords: t-shirt AND blue. The search result would be all t-shirts in blue.

Furthermore, you can use brackets to refine your search result, like t-shirt AND (blue OR black OR "dark blue"). By using quotation marks you can combine several keywords to one keyword.  The search result in this case would be all t-shirts in blue, black and dark-blue. You have a bigger selection than with just using "t-shirt AND blue".

After you typed in your keywords, click the "enter" -key on your keyboard or the button "Go" on the right side of the text field.  A few seconds later you will see your search results.

Advanced Search:

If the simple search isn't enough for you or your search result is too long, you can consider using the Advanced Search function. Here you can refine your search even more.

The following options are available:

Keywords: You can type in your keywords as explained above

Categories: You limit your search result to a specific category. Please choose one category if you are looking for an item in a specific category.

Manufacturer: It is also possible to choose a manufacturer, so the search result will only show items that match your keywords and are from the chosen manufacturer.

Price over and Price up to: Do you have a certain budget for your purchase? Use this function to set the price area you are willing to spend. For example, for "Price over" type in "10" and "Price up to" "30". The search result will show all items that cost more than 10 Euros/US$ but are cheaper than 30 Euros/US$.

How to go back to the main page?

Click on our logo "modeS" (upper left corner) or on the link "Main page" (left in the light-purple bar) and you will return to the main page of our online shop.

Is there a minimum order value?

No, there is no minimum order value! We always deliver your purchase fast and reliably to your preferred address and your preferred payment arrangements. But we do offer free shipping on orders above 60 Euros (US$ 68). So it is worth to rummage in our shop a bit and order a few items together to save shipping costs.

Order process

How can I order as a new customer?

The order process through the shopping cart includes the following steps:

  • Add your items into the shopping cart and click on Checkout
  • On the next page, click on "register"
  • Now type in your contact details including your address (form)
  • Choose your favorite payment method
  • Choose the shipping method
  • At the end of the order please confirm your order
  • If you want, now you can print out your order

How can I register a new account?

If you haven't registered in our online shop and therefore you don't have a login name and password yet, please follow the following steps:

Open our online shop and click on "My account". On the next page, click on "register" (right next to the "Login"-Button), fill out all required information in the online form and click on the button "Continue". You are now registered on our website and can order immediately.

From now on, you can use your login name (= email address) and password to login into your account and see your profile and past order details.

What happens with my data?

All information needed for the process of your order will be stored securely and handled with confidence. No data will be passed on to third parties.

How does the Login work?

It is very easy and works like a secret code íV once set up you can use it every time to login to your account without the need of filling out the complete form again. You can order quickly and very conveniently without having to type in your name, address or customer number again.

You only need your login name which is your email address and a password. This unique information is set up once when you create your account by yourself. After creating your account your email address and password is valid immediately and you can use it every time you visit our online shop.

I forgot my login name, what can I do?

Your login name is the same as your email address. If you deleted your email account or changed your email address please contact us directly by email, so we can make the changes for you. But you can also just open a new customer account with your new email address if you want.

How can I change my password?

You can change your password in "My account". First, login with your email address and your current password. Now, click on "My account" and then on "Change my password". In the following form, key in your old password first and then your new password and confirm it. Finally, click on "Continue" to safe your new password. Done.

I forgot my password, what can I do?

In this case, click on "My account". Now, you can see the login page with the required email address and password. Below that, you can click on the link "Password forgotten?". Then you have to key in a security code and your email address. Click on the button "Continue" and you will receive an automatic email with your password shortly after that. If you haven't received any email from us within a few minutes, the possible reasons could be:

  1. You typed in a wrong email address
  2. Your email address in not registered in our database - please open a new account first
  3. Our email was redirected into your spam folder. Please check your spam folder.

Can I order without opening an account?

Yes, you can order from us without opening a customer account with us. You just have to put all your items into the shopping card and click on "Checkout". On the next page, click under "Guest purchase" on the button "Continue". Then you can fill out your contact details and delivery address and confirm by clicking on the button "Continue". After that, choose your favorite payment method and shipping method and confirm your order. Done.

How do I get to my shopping cart?

You can get to your shopping cart on every page by clicking on the link "Shopping cart" in the upper right box "Shopping cart". Of course this is only possible if you have added at least one item to your shopping cart.

How do I cancel an order?

Should you wish to cancel your order, we will do so. Please contact us by email as soon as possible. Please note orders are processed very quickly during business hours and it may not always be possible to intercept your order before dispatch.
Should you wish to cancel after your goods are dispatched, you can choose to either refuse the goods at the time of delivery or accept them and return the unopened items (unbroken security seal where relevant) in re-salable condition to us for a refund, minus any postage costs incurred by us.

Delivery terms

When will my items be delivered? Why were my items not yet delivered?

Your order will be processed promptly after we receive it. We wait until we receive your payment and ship your order within 1 business day. Of course we will send you a confirmation email about the shipping status with further details about your shipment incl. a tracking number. If you haven't received any email from us, please check your spam folder. Unfortunately, sometimes our emails are redirected to the spam folder instead of the mailbox.

How long is the delivery time?

The average delivery time is 5-15 business days by registered airmail. Some customers receive their items faster, shipping to the UK and USA is usually quite fast. If you are in a hurry and need your order as soon as possible, you can choose the fast FedEx Express shipping option. This usually takes only 1-5 business days.

Please be aware of that, in case you chose money transfer to our bank account, it takes up to 7 days to receive your money. Please count in these run times. So, if you need your order within the shortest time possible, please choose FedEx Express shipping and pay with credit card or PayPal. We will then ship your order promptly.

What do I have to do to make sure, that the shipment is smooth?

We ship our items with Hong Kong Post or FedEx Express. All our shipments are sent as registered mail for security purposes and you will only receive your order by signing the post registered mail document. This is to prevent any loss or damage of your items. Therefore, it is important that you tell us your home address. Only this way we are able to send your items securely to you. Of course we gladly ship your items to your requested address like office address, friend's address, holiday address etc. as well.

Why do you not ship by normal Airmail?

We are obligated as a professional merchant to ship our items safely and fast to our customers. Therefore, we only ship our shipments with registered mail.  Where through it is assured that your order will arrive quickly and without any problems at your place. Cheap shipping methods like "by surface" are not offered by us as the security and quality standards don't match our and our customers' expectations.

Which addresses are accepted?

We gladly ship your order to your requested address. Please fill in your delivery address when you order online. For example, this is reasonable if you want to send a present directly to a friend, if you prefer your office address, live temporarily somewhere else or when you are on holidays.

Do we ship to PO Boxes as well?

Yes, we do ship to PO Box addresses as well.

What countries do we deliver to?

We ship worldwide. Our shipping costs are valid for all countries. Please be aware that in some cases you need to pay extra customs duty that has to be paid directly to the post office.

How do we ship?

All orders are shipped by Hong Kong Post (registered airmail) or FedEx Express (Express Shipping). These 2 transport companies were very reliable in the past and we are very happy with their delivery time and security standards. Until now, all orders have been delivered quickly and no shipment got lost.

Are there any customs duty or tax?

It is possible that you have to pay customs when you receive your order. This depends on the total of your order value. Please ask your local customs office if you want to know if and how much you have to pay. But it is unlikely that you have to pay any extra fees because most orders are below the minimum limit of 150 Euros / US$220. Therefore, if your order is below 150 Euros (US$ 220), you don't need to pay any customs duty, however you may still be charged the local import tax.

Are your items in stock?

Yes, all our items are in stock and available immediately. There are no unpleasant waiting periods or multiple deliveries. Your order will be shipped immediately and complete.

What can I do if I receive a damaged item?

If you receive a damaged or defect item, please contact us immediately by email and if possible send us photos as well so we are able to see the damage. In most cases we will ship the item once again and you can keep the damaged item. There is no need to send the damaged item back to us as the return shipping costs are usually too high.

My item was damaged during shipping. What can I do?

Despite our outermost care, sometimes it happens that an item is damaged during transportation to your place. In this case we replace the damaged item for free and send the item once more.

Please pay attention to the following steps:

If your items are delivered with obvious transportation damages, please complain to the delivery company immediately and contact us by email. You help us to claim the problem with the transportation company. Thank you for your understanding and assistance.

I don't like my item, what can I do?

Should you, contrary to expectations, don't like an item, please send us the item back within 7 days of reception. Please contact us by email as well and we will refund you the complete amount (excl. Shipping costs).

Our address is:

modeS Group Ltd.
Room J, 4/F
Universal Industrial Centre
19-25 Shan Mei Street
Fo Tan, Hong Kong

My order was not delivered and returned to you, what happens next?

If you are not at home when the post delivers the package, it will be kept at the post office for a couple of days (usually 7-14 days). If you don't pick it up within that time, it will be sent back to us. In this case, we will contact you once it arrives at our office. In order to resend the order, you'll need to pay the shipping costs once more. If you enjoyed free shipping for the first shipment, we will check the actual shipping costs we paid for the first shipment and you need to pay that amount before the 2nd shipment.

Shipping Costs

How much are shipping costs?

We charge a basic fee of 2.50€ (US$3.25, UKú2.25) per shipment + an extra fee per item based on its weight. To make it very easy for you, the additional fee is shown next to each product.

If you order items worth 60€ / US$68 / £48 or more, we will ship your items for free!

You can find more information about our shipping costs here: Shipping Costs

What are the costs for shipping to foreign countries?

We offer the same shipping costs worldwide. There are no differences, wherever you live. The shipping costs details can be found here: Shipping Costs

Why do some fabrics have different shipping costs?

Some fabrics are very light fabrics, some are heavy linen canvas fabrics. Therefore, their weight is different and the shipping costs vary.

Payment Methods

What payment methods do you offer?

You can choose to pay by credit card, PayPal or money transfer (T/T).

by credit card If you have a valid Visa or MasterCard, you can order in our shop and pay with your credit card. The items will be shipped promptly. You credit card details only exist during the payment transaction and cannot be seen by us.  

by PayPal  If you have a PayPal account, you can pay quickly and convenient by PayPal. The items will be shipped promptly.

by money transfer You can transfer the total amount to our bank account. We have business bank accounts in Germany, Austria and Hong Kong. If you transfer within the European Union there will be no extra charges from the bank. The items will be shipped after payment received.

When will I receive your bank account details?

Our bank account details for a money transfer will be sent to you by email after we received your order. Please wait for this email and check your spam folder if you didn't receive it.

Where are your bank accounts located?

We have business bank accounts in Germany, Austria and Hong Kong. We will send you the right bank account details after we received your order so you can pay without any trouble quickly and free of charge (within the European Union).

What credit cards do you accept?

We accept Visa and MasterCard.


You are looking for a specific item that could fit into our current collection of and cannot find it? Please contact us by email and we will try our best to add this item to our collection.




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